Jīvana translated is LIFE

Jīvana Hair is the foundation of Jīvana Wellness, The founder, Jennifer Olivares, has been in the hair/beauty industry for over 18 years. She has always felt there is a direct connection between a person’s outward appearance and their inner self. Jennifer has worked tirelessly over the years to cultivate a feeling of trust and honesty and to develop a skill for listening to not only how people want to look but how they really want to feel. Jīvana Wellness was created and designed to be a space unlike the traditional salon atmosphere. A private space where people can come and enjoy a  relaxing one on one session.

Whether it’s having your hair designed and customized to you and your lifestyle, life coaching for personal or professional growth, or delving even further into your subconscious with a guided imagery and discovery session. Jīvana Wellness is designed with people’s needs in mind. A place to come relax, unwind, and be empowered with services that have been designed to improve your outward aesthetic all while having the ability to find a greater sense of self.

Come enjoy a pampering experience that will not only have you looking your best but feeling your best as well.